Why you don’t need a white paper for your new product features

How often as marketers have we heard a software engineer or a product manager say something like the following: “Hey, can you write a technical white paper that explains how our new product works? There’s some really awesome features in our latest release that people are going to be pretty excited about.” In your average tech company, where every third ...

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B2B buyer personas: what they are and why you need them

If you’re developing B2B Buyer personas as part of your content marketing strategy, it’s critical to get them right. Why? Because no matter how dazzling your infographics, eBooks, videos and other content assets are, they’re going to fall flat if they’re not carefully tailored to the specific needs of the potential buyers of your product or service.It goes without saying ...

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How to banish bland, boring B2B marketing content

Have we reached peak marketing content? This is a question marketing bloggers have been asking at least since 2014, wondering whether the sheer volume of content being produced, combined with a lack of quality and usefulness, is creating a backlash and rendering the whole discipline of content marketing obsolete. I’ve thought about this myself more than a few times ...

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Content strategy: 10 proven tips for getting it right

For many eager (and swamped) content marketers, it’s tempting to bypass the content strategy phase of content marketing and head straight for the keyboard or camera to start producing. But what is content without strategy? As an executive, you don’t want words and visuals published about or by your company to merely exist. You want every character and pixel ...

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Blog post SEO: improve yours in 6 easy steps

So, you’ve crafted a great blog post. Congrats! Is it written for SEO (search engine optimization)? If you’re not sure what blog post SEO is, why you should care, or how to get started, keep reading. The success of your blog depends on it. SEO is the process that increases organic (unpaid), high-quality traffic to your website. Let me ...

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How to boost long-term growth with long-form content marketing

The B2B buying process is changing. More than three-quarters of B2B buyers conduct their own research before contacting a supplier, and most conduct 12 search queries before interacting with a specific brand’s website. With access to more information than ever before, B2B buyers increasingly rely on trusted recommendations and reliable, informative content to make purchasing decisions. In an age ...

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